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Attentions Read Carefully

I am a  hacker who can hack for you; 

what is my work?-I can hack any website for you.If anyone about your personal information such as sex video,picture etc in the porn site or in the blog,I can remove these information. I can also remove any news from social media which is against for you.I am able to change your grades from your school or college result sheet.I can hack Facebook, Instagram,Gmail,IMO etc.If you lost your gmail, Instagram, Facebook id,I can recover it.

My price – 
Website hacking – $1000
Porn video website -$1000
TV news website-$1000
Blog website -$700
college grade change-$500
Face book-$200
other social media id hack- $200

Payment system- 

Before going to start the work,you need to send me small amount of payment. Rest of amount you can send after doing the work.
First I will hack the site or id, then I will send you screen shot After that you need to send the payment via Western  Union  or Bitcoin Wallet.

your boyfriends cheating one you as same your wife to or your girlfriend with someone? i will recovery there Facebook or email id so you can check the news, i can recovery any id in 24 hour, i can give you her or his android mobile or laptop full details i can hack any mobile or any whatsapp Instagram or any website in 24 hour, i can give you full security no one will never know full secure so you can login his or her everyday with same password, but please sent me message in whatsappp or other social media for chat

whatsapp +15188558337
Telegram- Downtheserver